Well it’s here, according to the Green Rabbit calendar today is the first day of autumn and it has arrived with a vengeance!!!

It’s no wonder that I like to hang on to summer, it is absolutely horrible outside today, if I had my way it would be spring/summer all year round.

Autumn colours are lovely but let’s face it, it is usually too wet to go out and enjoy them.

I have made some soup to help cheer me up, mushroom today, I think we may well live on soup until spring.

So I’m counting down now, not to ‘C’, no way, no my first countdown is a short one only 4 days until I escape to the south of France for a week away, happy days! Second countdown is 81 days until the winter solstice when things begin to change for the better and my final countdown is 91 days until pre-spring!




This little girl is my last nod to summer, her name is Marguerite, she has a little marguerite daisy button on her cardigan and I like to think that that’s a bunch of marguerite daisies in the bike basket on her skirt!


And finally one of my wonderful sunflowers, I’m really drinking in this colour today!!!!

Have a great rest-of-the-week lovely people and thanks for listening to me moan about autumn, I bet you can’t wait to hear me when winter comes, thank goodness there is only one month of it in the Green Rabbit calendar! 😉