I love it when autumn behaves itself, our weather was very good over the weekend, we were very lucky to escape the storm that hit southern and eastern parts of the UK. So far this week it has remained lovely, I actually managed a bit of gardening today planting a few bulbs for spring and transplanting some plants that I grew from seed for next summer. I love being outside and the sun shining on me while I work is wonderful.

The garden is in that in-between stage, the sunflowers are finished but the cosmos is still blooming, little chrysanthemums are unfurling while the only bit left of my black-eyed susan are the black eyes. However the good weather makes keeping on top of the garden easy, as well as soothing my soul!!






Strangely, even though I’m enjoying the autumn (while it behaves), I am preparing for the next season around the corner, which is completely out of character for me as I’m usually a bit bah-humbug!!! (I do hope you haven’t fainted Jane)


Maybe its due to the number of folk wanting a Festive Bunny!!!!

Happy Tuesday everyone, thanks for dropping by! πŸ™‚