November 2013


Well it’s lovely to be able to post again, I’m afraid WordPress is being a right pain at the moment! Having checked the forums it’s obviously not just me, lots of folk are having problems. I know that comments from some of my previous posts have disappeared and I haven’t been able to publish my posts or upload photos. To get this far I’ve had to download a new browser on my iPad and email myself my photos which are on my lap top. Getting onto my blog from the laptop is impossible via Safari, Internet Explorer, Crome or Firefox. These are problems though that lots of WordPress users are having.

Anyhow I’m quite sure you’re not here to listen to all this, I just hope you are here and that if you want to, you can comment!


You may recognise the scarf/shawl in my photos, you have seen it before, I started it quite a while back. It’s called the Lacy Baktus and over the past week I have pulled it from my WIP’s and started to knit it again, this time I’m determined to finish it.


It is knitted in the beautiful Quince & Co Sparrow yarn which is much too nice to be waiting in a WIP queue!!


I’ve not given up on the bunny making though, I will be making the skirts for my next set of girls from these fabrics, they’re going to have a sewing theme.


Well it has been quite a damp, dismal week here but as usual I’ve been out in the garden searching out a bit of colour for you!

Thanks for dropping in, well at least I hope you’ve been able to drop in!

To all my lovely friends in the US, Happy Thanksgiving and to everyone, happy weekend! 🙂


Hi every one, happy Monday to you, hope you all had a lovely weekend! It was a quiet one here but that was alright, a bit of shopping on Saturday including a visit to the delicious Textile Studio and a walk in ‘my park’ yesterday, no photos though, it was too dull!

I’m just dropping in to share my latest and final Christmas bunny with you, her name is Noelle and she probably couldn’t be more festive, even more so than Natalia, I think anyway.

I’m popping her in my shop tonight at 10.00pm. Just in case you wonder why I do it so late in the evening, it’s because my Australian friends on Facebook said I was putting them on while they were still asleep, so it’s to give them a chance to buy too!

This is definitely the last festive bunny though, I am so ready to move on to other ideas!


It’s still very dull here today, where has the bright and clear November we were having gone to? On the plus side though it is slightly less cold!

Wishing you all a happy new week! 🙂


As Natalia is now with her new mum I can now share her with you!

Natalia means ‘born at Christmas’ and she definitely is a little Christmas girl, dressed from head to toes in red and green.

I almost feel I’ve had Christmas now after having made so many festive bunnies, I’m ready to move on to the next thing!!!

Natalia Collage

Boy it has been very chilly here today but clear and bright which is good.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend, thank you so much for dropping by and for all your lovely comments.

Happy Weekend! 🙂


Well the weather didn’t turn out too bad today in this neck of the woods anyway! I was expecting to be under three feet of snow after listening to the weather forecast yesterday, if you are under three feet of snow… sorry, but I am glad its not me!

I did a bit of tidying in the garden yesterday, lifting some bedding that I knew would never survive frost and cutting back a few plants, I do hate removing plants that are still in bloom though. So my cosmos are still in situ and still blooming, how long for, well I don’t know, the weather forecast for tonight doesn’t sound too good either but hopefully its wrong too!

This morning we had what could only be described as a bit of sloppy snow which disappeared as soon as it hit the ground, afterwards the sun came out and I went outside to take some photos, it was chilly but bright.

Still lots of colour out there!!!

Nov Garden Collage








Happy Tuesday from me and today’s gardening assisitant…..Jess! 🙂

Fawn Collage

Hi its been a while since I did a proper blog post, life is quiet at the moment, no trips, little gardening, not much to tell really. I did have my boy home for a few days and it was lovely being able to spend some time with him and catch up. I also had a lunch-date and Christmas decoration shopping with my daughter who is so excited about her first Christmas tree. Lately though my life has been mostly bunny making.

Belle Collage

I have just finished my little collection of Christmas bunnies, it seems strange mentioning Christmas while still in November, not at all like me!!

Lucia Collage

I have made six of them for my Etsy shop and they will be on sale tonight (Thursday 14th November) at 10.00pm.

Juniper Collage

They are all very different little characters and I have enjoyed making them. I have been posting them on my Facebook page as I have completed them and its funny how they each appeal to different people, each one is someone’s favourite.

Berry Collage

Anyhow they are all up for adoption tonight, hopefully they’ll all find a lovely new home!

Crystal Collage

So there you go, still not much to tell but I thought I’d share what I’ve being doing with myself these past couple of weeks. Not sure where my bunnies are going next, apart from a couple of personal ones (which I’ll share when I can) I’m all Christmas-ed out, goodness…….and its only halfway through November!!!!!

Happy Thursday, have a lovely weekend ahead and thanks as always for dropping by! 🙂

Remembrance Collage

” we will remember them “


We woke to our first frost this morning, the above photo is of the glass in my greenhouse, cold but beautiful.


Spiders webs and roof tops were all white and boy was it chilly!


It was lovely and bright though and the sun soon made the frost disappear.


Which was good as after a visit to a garden centre yesterday I had a few more plants to put in pots, I just love these ornamental cabbages!


I also bought a tray of these little, almost black violas too…so pretty!

Actually by the time I was finished in the greenhouse the sun had raised the temperature in there to 20 degrees.

Thank you autumn for being so good!!!


While we are on a frosty theme I thought I would share my first little festive bunny with you, her name is Fawn! She’ll be in my Etsy shop soon.

Happy new week everyone, hope it’s a good one for you! 🙂


If someone asked me what my least favourite month of the year was, I would say November, it always conjures up images of damp, grey, dismal days.

However I have to say that this year it has got off to an amazing start! The sun was shining into my greenhouse this morning making it look like a summer’s day.


If November continues to produce skies like this one it is definitely going up in my estimation.


The flowers are loving it too!


Every week when I go my greengrocers, I almost always like to come home with a little plant or two or like this morning, three!

I think they’re going to look lovely together in a little pot at my front door.


You can always be sure of an assistant when in the garden, this morning it was the lovely Lily!

hello nov Collage

The beginning of November has also been brightened by some happy mail!

The pretty little pincushion arrived today all the way from Australia from a lovely lady who is now Pixie’s mum! Thank you so much Elizabeth, I love it!

The new Orla Kiely book has also arrived, I’m so looking forward to reading it!


I’m also cracking on with the Christmas bunny making as well which keeps me busy in the evenings because no matter how lovely the days are my goodness it gets dark early now the clocks have changed.

So fingers crossed that November continues in the manner in which it has started.

Happy weekend my friends, thanks as always for visiting, I really appreciate it! 🙂