Well the weather didn’t turn out too bad today in this neck of the woods anyway! I was expecting to be under three feet of snow after listening to the weather forecast yesterday, if you are under three feet of snow… sorry, but I am glad its not me!

I did a bit of tidying in the garden yesterday, lifting some bedding that I knew would never survive frost and cutting back a few plants, I do hate removing plants that are still in bloom though. So my cosmos are still in situ and still blooming, how long for, well I don’t know, the weather forecast for tonight doesn’t sound too good either but hopefully its wrong too!

This morning we had what could only be described as a bit of sloppy snow which disappeared as soon as it hit the ground, afterwards the sun came out and I went outside to take some photos, it was chilly but bright.

Still lots of colour out there!!!

Nov Garden Collage








Happy Tuesday from me and today’s gardening assisitant…..Jess! šŸ™‚