Hi every one, happy Monday to you, hope you all had a lovely weekend! It was a quiet one here but that was alright, a bit of shopping on Saturday including a visit to the delicious Textile Studio and a walk in ‘my park’ yesterday, no photos though, it was too dull!

I’m just dropping in to share my latest and final Christmas bunny with you, her name is Noelle and she probably couldn’t be more festive, even more so than Natalia, I think anyway.

I’m popping her in my shop tonight at 10.00pm. Just in case you wonder why I do it so late in the evening, it’s because my Australian friends on Facebook said I was putting them on while they were still asleep, so it’s to give them a chance to buy too!

This is definitely the last festive bunny though, I am so ready to move on to other ideas!


It’s still very dull here today, where has the bright and clear November we were having gone to? On the plus side though it is slightly less cold!

Wishing you all a happy new week! 🙂