My Hb had a day off yesterday so we decided to take a trip to the city, we normally ‘do’ Belfast on a Saturday but it was lovely to have a little more space to look around as the Saturday crowds at this time of year are huge!


We first took a trip out to the east of the city, the home of the iconic Samson and Goliath as I wanted to pay a visit to the lovely Textile Studio.


East Belfast is also the birthplace of C S Lewis and here’s the man himself looking into his wardrobe.

After a delicious lunch in the lovely Lindores Coffee House where we had our tea served in vintage tea cups we headed into the city centre.


The Continental Market is in the grounds of the City Hall at the moment and it was great to be able to walk around it and actually see something, to be honest I wouldn’t even attempt this on a Saturday afternoon.


Lovely to see a little bit of France under the dome of the city hall!

Christmas Market 1 Collage

No shortage of reindeer here!


When I saw this jolly Nutcracker it reminded me of my lovely blog friend Sally. If you read Mollie Makes magazine you will have seen Sally’s very clever Nutcracker pattern in this months issue!

Christmas Market 2 Collage


The City Hall is looking lovely with it’s many changing colours!

So we had a very enjoyable afternoons shopping in festive Belfast, I can highly recommend Monday city shopping especially at this time of year.

Happy Tuesday, we’re starting to look at bit festive at home too, the trees are up! ๐Ÿ™‚