Scarlet Collage

Over the past week or so I have been working on a little collection of bunnies which I have called the ‘Sewing Circle’ girls.

They have all been named after different types of fabric and all are dressed in sewing themed outfits.

The first is Scarlet, scarlet was once the name given to any brightly coloured cloth not just red but this little Scarlet is definitely red!!! She is made from Bluefaced Leicester yarn and has a tape measure ribbon in her ear and a pair of scissors on her cotton cardie. Her skirt is covered in all sorts of little sewing notions.

Tiffany Collage

The second sewing girl is Tiffany, Tiffany got her name from the thin gauze muslin of the same name.This Tiffany though is a patchwork girl with her hexie fabric skirt and thimble button and also has a tape measure ribbon in her ear.

Georgette Collage

The third and final sewing bunny is Georgette, the fabric that she is named after is a thin silk or crΓͺpe. She has lots of pretty cotton reels all over her skirt and a cotton reel button on her coral cardigan and like all the other sewing girls has a tape measure bow in her ear.

All the ‘Sewing Circle’ girls will be for sale in my Etsy shop at 10.00pm tonight (Wed 11th Dec).

This is the last of the bunnies for this year but there will be lots more in 2014, I’m already picking out heart fabrics for Valentines!!!

Hope all your festive preparations are going well, if you’re like me you will still have lots to do!

If you’re in the UK, isn’t the weather remarkably mild for this time of year, I’m certainly not complaining though.

Happy Wednesday, thanks as always for popping in! πŸ™‚