January 2014


Is there anything that says spring like a golden daffodil and I’m very lucky to have a bunch of them in the house this weekend!


Not just daffodils though, I’ve also got some gorgeous red tulips too!


Outside in the garden there are signs of spring too with my lovely yellow wallflowers in bloom.


I have to admit though it wasn’t very springlike here this morning as it was wild, windy and wet but the afternoon has picked up nicely with even the glimpse of a blue sky.

January has gone by in a flash, hasn’t it, one month of pre-spring down and one more to go until ‘real’ spring!


Thank you for all your lovely comments on the ‘Valentine Girls’, they were listed in my Etsy shop on Wednesday evening and sold out in three minutes. Unfortunately listing them altogether at a certain time means that some of the bunnies ended up in more than one cart at the same time and it was the person who pushed the PayPal button first that got the rabbit, leaving some very disappointed people wondering where the rabbit in their cart has disappeared to. I think that maybe next time I will list them over a period of 24 hours to see if that helps.


I have started on a new set of bunnies for February, no theme this month just a few ideas that need to come out my head!!


I’ll leave with a photo of the sky above my house taken just a few minutes ago!

Thanks as always for dropping in to see me, wishing you all a lovely pre-springy weekend.

Happy weekend! 🙂

Ruby Collage

So my Valentine girls are all completed, this is Ruby…the colour of Valentine’s Day!

Jaime Collage

This little lady is Jaime, named after the French for ‘I love’….j’aime.

I’ll be listing Ruby, Jaime and the other six girls in my Etsy tomorrow evening (Wednesday 29th January) at 10.00pm. Bunny info. including price etc. can be found here.

Rosalie Collage

Teddie Collage

Esme Collage

Juliet Collage

Carys Collage

Miranda Collage

So that’s me done with hearts for a little while, I’m all hearted out!! I do like hearts though if I’m doodling it’s always hearts that I doodle, hearts and flowers. A little strange though as I’m not in the least bit romantic!!!

Another grey and dismal day here I’m afraid but spring IS on the way!

Happy Tuesday my friends! 🙂


I really love a plain cake with just icing and coconut on top, there is nothing quite like it with a mug of hot tea!!!


The recipe for my cake is from this little book, one of the best baking books I own. The date inside the book is 1981, so I have had it all my married life!


As you can see, it has been very well used, its just a very practical no nonsense baking book and let’s face it Mary is one of the best. The book is open at the recipe for the cake I baked, now I was a bit wary of doing this because of copyright but this book can still be bought here and if you click on the ‘Look Inside’ you can find this recipe so I’m not showing you anything you can’t already look up! I would recommend this book and its very good value for money.


I’ll leave you with number six of the Valentine girls….Miranda, which means ‘worthy of admiration’.

Thanks so much for dropping by.

Happy weekend, fingers crossed for some sunshine! 🙂


I’m in search of colour today!! Why, you ask………


because this is what the weather is like here today!!!!

So I took my camera for a walk around the house and into the garden and greenhouse to find some colour to share with you!







Even my new Valentine girl is a colourful one, normally I personally prefer the earthy coloured bunnies but that bright pop of yellow is just the ticket for this dull and grey day! Her name is Carys by the way, from the Welsh for love.

Just before I go I would like to thank the lovely Susana from the blog La Ventura Azul for awarding me the ‘One Lovely Blog Award’, thanks Susana, you’re very kind!

So it’s a bit of a dismal day here I’m afraid, I hope it’s brighter where you are, thanks for visiting!

Happy Tuesday! 🙂


Peruvian lilies on the table.


A sleeping Polly.


Millionaire shortbread in the cake tin.


A new girl called Juliet.


Pretty primula in the kitchen.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend, thanks for your ‘visits’ this week and welcome to the new visitors too!

It’s my boys birthday tomorrow, sadly he won’t be home from Berlin to celebrate with us but hopefully he’ll be home next month and we’ll celebrate then!
Happy birthday son!!!

Happy weekend! 🙂


Today’s post is about finished WIP’s but I thought I would include this rosebud too, as it’s a little WIP in itself. Imagine….a rosebud in my garden in January!


Why I’m really posting is to let you see my finished Lacy Baktus, I have at last found and finished a project using my Quince & Co organic linen Sparrow yarn. I had a few false starts, knitting things I really didn’t like but I eventually found a pattern I liked. The yarn itself is delicious so I wanted to knit something that I really wanted to wear.

Lacy Baktus Collage

You can find my Ravelry notes on it here.


Another little finished project is Esme, my third little Valentine girl. Crocheted in a pale pink alpaca/wool mix yarn and wearing a soft blue mohair cardigan, she’s a delicate little soul!


Esme means ‘loved’, quite appropriate name for a Valentine bunny, don’t you think!


While I’m on the subject of WIP’s, here’s another one…….spring!! This is the sky here this evening at 4.20 pm, its all shaping up nicely!!!

Happy Wednesday my friends! 🙂


Tulips on the table!


Lemon Drizzle in the cake tin!


And a new Valentine girl completed……… meet Teddie!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone, thanks for visiting this week and for all your much appreciated comments!

Happy Weekend! 🙂


These are little muscari bulbs, the poor little things were being sold off in Tesco last week at £1.50, that was for the bulbs, planter and compost, I just had to bring them home with me. They have only been planted a week today and just look how much they have grown in that time!


In fact this is the photo I took of them yesterday morning, you can see just how much they have come on in 24 hours. What a little pot of pre-spring delight for only £1.50, wish I had bought more now!!


Keeping in pre-spring mode I am preparing for the next event in our celebration calendar by making my Valentine bunnies. This is the first of, hopefully, eight Valentine girls, her name is Rosalie. Rosalie’s cardigan is knitted in Rowan Fine Tweed purchased from the wonderful Textile Studio. When the Valentine girls are finished I will list them all in one batch in my Etsy shop (there is 30% off brooches in there at the moment).


Hope you are all safe and sound in this strange weather we have been having, floods in the UK, polar vortexes in the US, it really is all change with the climate.

Thankfully the weather is not too bad here today, breezy but dry with even a little glimpse of the sun every now and again. Our forecast is quite promising for the rest of the week too, fingers crossed they have got it right.

Whatever the weather and whatever you’re doing have a good Tuesday, thanks for dropping by! 🙂


Hello and Happy New Year to you all, I hope all those Christmas decorations are put away, Christmas is now over, so is winter, we are now in pre-spring, the days are lengthening and the world is coming to life again.


For anyone new to my to blog I should explain the Green Rabbit Calendar, now adopted by many as its much more fun than the conventional one!!!!

January & February ~ Pre-Spring
March, April & May ~ Spring
June, July, August & September ~ Summer
October & November ~ Autumn
December ~ Winter

So I expect you want some proof of the new season…..well here it is, all photographed today in my garden!!!








So there you are, now do you believe me!!!

I actually was out working in my greenhouse this morning, I went out to take some photos and found some things to do, lovely being out there again. Actually I’m supposed to be cleaning my house today but I’d much rather do absolutely anything else other than that!!!

These are especially calling out to me…………………

Pre Spring Collage

Yes, quite a few things on the go at the one time, I am enjoying going from one to the other though. I want to do more knitting this year, knitting was always my first love and apart from bunny cardigans it had taken a bit of a back seat last year. I want to improve my fair isle, so I need to practice.

Well I suppose I really better go clean this house, I have delayed for long enough!!

Happy Thursday and enjoy the weekend ahead, lovely to have you back with me again in 2014!!! 🙂