Hello and Happy New Year to you all, I hope all those Christmas decorations are put away, Christmas is now over, so is winter, we are now in pre-spring, the days are lengthening and the world is coming to life again.


For anyone new to my to blog I should explain the Green Rabbit Calendar, now adopted by many as its much more fun than the conventional one!!!!

January & February ~ Pre-Spring
March, April & May ~ Spring
June, July, August & September ~ Summer
October & November ~ Autumn
December ~ Winter

So I expect you want some proof of the new season…..well here it is, all photographed today in my garden!!!








So there you are, now do you believe me!!!

I actually was out working in my greenhouse this morning, I went out to take some photos and found some things to do, lovely being out there again. Actually I’m supposed to be cleaning my house today but I’d much rather do absolutely anything else other than that!!!

These are especially calling out to me…………………

Pre Spring Collage

Yes, quite a few things on the go at the one time, I am enjoying going from one to the other though. I want to do more knitting this year, knitting was always my first love and apart from bunny cardigans it had taken a bit of a back seat last year. I want to improve my fair isle, so I need to practice.

Well I suppose I really better go clean this house, I have delayed for long enough!!

Happy Thursday and enjoy the weekend ahead, lovely to have you back with me again in 2014!!! πŸ™‚