These are little muscari bulbs, the poor little things were being sold off in Tesco last week at £1.50, that was for the bulbs, planter and compost, I just had to bring them home with me. They have only been planted a week today and just look how much they have grown in that time!


In fact this is the photo I took of them yesterday morning, you can see just how much they have come on in 24 hours. What a little pot of pre-spring delight for only £1.50, wish I had bought more now!!


Keeping in pre-spring mode I am preparing for the next event in our celebration calendar by making my Valentine bunnies. This is the first of, hopefully, eight Valentine girls, her name is Rosalie. Rosalie’s cardigan is knitted in Rowan Fine Tweed purchased from the wonderful Textile Studio. When the Valentine girls are finished I will list them all in one batch in my Etsy shop (there is 30% off brooches in there at the moment).


Hope you are all safe and sound in this strange weather we have been having, floods in the UK, polar vortexes in the US, it really is all change with the climate.

Thankfully the weather is not too bad here today, breezy but dry with even a little glimpse of the sun every now and again. Our forecast is quite promising for the rest of the week too, fingers crossed they have got it right.

Whatever the weather and whatever you’re doing have a good Tuesday, thanks for dropping by! 🙂