Ruby Collage

So my Valentine girls are all completed, this is Ruby…the colour of Valentine’s Day!

Jaime Collage

This little lady is Jaime, named after the French for ‘I love’….j’aime.

I’ll be listing Ruby, Jaime and the other six girls in my Etsy tomorrow evening (Wednesday 29th January) at 10.00pm. Bunny info. including price etc. can be found here.

Rosalie Collage

Teddie Collage

Esme Collage

Juliet Collage

Carys Collage

Miranda Collage

So that’s me done with hearts for a little while, I’m all hearted out!! I do like hearts though if I’m doodling it’s always hearts that I doodle, hearts and flowers. A little strange though as I’m not in the least bit romantic!!!

Another grey and dismal day here I’m afraid but spring IS on the way!

Happy Tuesday my friends! ๐Ÿ™‚