Is there anything that says spring like a golden daffodil and I’m very lucky to have a bunch of them in the house this weekend!


Not just daffodils though, I’ve also got some gorgeous red tulips too!


Outside in the garden there are signs of spring too with my lovely yellow wallflowers in bloom.


I have to admit though it wasn’t very springlike here this morning as it was wild, windy and wet but the afternoon has picked up nicely with even the glimpse of a blue sky.

January has gone by in a flash, hasn’t it, one month of pre-spring down and one more to go until ‘real’ spring!


Thank you for all your lovely comments on the ‘Valentine Girls’, they were listed in my Etsy shop on Wednesday evening and sold out in three minutes. Unfortunately listing them altogether at a certain time means that some of the bunnies ended up in more than one cart at the same time and it was the person who pushed the PayPal button first that got the rabbit, leaving some very disappointed people wondering where the rabbit in their cart has disappeared to. I think that maybe next time I will list them over a period of 24 hours to see if that helps.


I have started on a new set of bunnies for February, no theme this month just a few ideas that need to come out my head!!


I’ll leave with a photo of the sky above my house taken just a few minutes ago!

Thanks as always for dropping in to see me, wishing you all a lovely pre-springy weekend.

Happy weekend! πŸ™‚