February 2014


I have over the past week or so received some lovely happy mail which I thought I would share with you.

These beautiful vintage French seed labels came from Simply French Vintage.


Aren’t they wonderful, I just love these images!


Having read about this book on a few blogs I decided I would like to read the book itself.

Four Hedges for those of you who haven’t read it is about Clare Leighton who was one of the finest engravers of the twentieth century and about her passion for her garden.

Four hedges Collage

Claire’s illustrations throughout the book are amazing.


A lovely little parcel of fabric dropped onto the mat this week from Celtic Fusions Fabrics, definitely bunny skirt material!!!


This also arrived in the post this week, all the way from Australia from the lovely Elizabeth who last year became the owner of Pixie. She sent me a photo of Pixie with a little koala who has now come to live with me in my craft room. Thank you Elizabeth it was lovely to see Pixie again.


I was very lucky this week to win this beautiful artwork in a giveaway. I had just found My Painted Bear on Facebook and fell in love with Naomi’s art, I then noticed that she was having a giveaway, entered and luckily won. When I emailed Naomi I then found out that she too was from N. Ireland and had actually exhibited work in a gallery in my home town. Naomi’s work is beautiful, you can find her Etsy shop here and her blog here. Thank you Naomi.


Now this pretty little bunny just arrived yesterday, isn’t she gorgeous? She is made by the very talented and clever Farrell & Holmes, I defy you not be tempted when you take a look at their website. The bunny is stuffed with lavender and I could smell it as the postman handed the package over to me. You can also find details of their work on their Facebook page.

Country Living Collage

Now if you would like to receive some happy mail too I have just the thing for you.

The lovely people from Country Living Magazine have offered me a pair of tickets for one of my readers for their Spring Fair which takes place from 19-23 March in the Business Design Centre, London. There will be lots of ideas for your home and garden with an array of carefully selected exhibitors, from small producers to craftspeople from across the British Isles. There will be crafting workshops, garden features and a lifestyle theatre. For more information about the Fair and all it’s features, you can visit the website: http://www.countrylivingfair.com/spring

Now if you would like to win the pair of tickets all you have to do is mention it in a comment below. I’ll draw the name of the winner next Tuesday, 4th March.

You can also book tickets at a special discount using the code Blog12. Tickets are available by calling 0844 848 0150 or online at http://www.countrylivingfair.com/Spring/book


Thank you all so much for your comments on my last post, all of the February Girls are heading off to their new homes. My next lot of bunnies are going to have a Spring/Easter theme which I’m really looking forward to.

I’ll leave you with these little tete-a-tete daffodils from my garden, according to the Green Rabbit Calendar tomorrow is the beginning of ‘real’ spring……happy, happy days!

Have a great weekend! 🙂

Coco Collage

This is the last of my February girls, her name is Coco!

I just see chocolate when I look at her, she is crocheted in a lovely rich chocolate brown extra fine merino and camel mix yarn. Her skirt reminds me of smarties, the buttons on her cardigan look like chocolate buttons and the button on her bow in her ear looks like a square of chocolate!!! Is that just the chocoholic in me or can you see that too?? 😉

All my February girls will be on sale in my Etsy shop tomorrow (Wednesday 26th February) between 9.00am in the morning and 9.00pm in the evening. I’m going to list them at random during the day to try and avoid the scramble to get them at the one time of day, unfortunately this resulted in a lot of disappointment as some of them ended up in more than one basket at the same time. This means that it will suit different time zones as well.

Details of prices etc can be found here!

Indigo Collage

Melody Collage

Harmony Collage

Lolly Collage

Callie Cupcake Collage

So that’s all the bunnies for February, next month I’m moving on to spring and Easter, my favourite!!!

Happy Tuesday everyone! 🙂


There has been a bit of a sweet theme going on with my bunny making this week.


This is Lolly, so called because her skirt is covered in all sorts of lollipops and sweeties and her cardigan in knitted in what I like to think of as, jelly bean green!


This little lady is Callie Cupcake! Cupcake because she is covered in them and the name Callie comes from Greek meaning ‘beautiful’. Who wouldn’t want a beautiful cupcake??

I have one more little girl to finish and then they will all be listed in my Etsy shop next week. The last February girl will have a sweetness about her too!


As we’re on a bit of a sugar rush today, I thought I’d share with you what’s in my cake tin this weekend ~ Toffee Yogurt Cake, you can find the recipe in this post.
Simple, quick and delicious!

Thanks for visiting this week and for all your lovely, much appreciated comments.

I definitely feel this week that spring is just a little bit closer!

Happy weekend! 🙂

*Joining in with Chrissies CAL*


I must say first off, that these little crocuses were not photographed today, all that beautiful sunshine was yesterday, today I’m afraid we are back to the rain in these parts, all day, continuously!!!!

This is what the little garden flowers look like today…………


Poor little soaked primula, still bright though!!

I thought as the day was a bit grey I’d take my camera and search out a bit of colour both inside and outside to brighten the day.






Gardening is not completely at a standstill, the greenhouse is very warm when the sun does shine, yesterday it was 20 degrees in there in the sunshine. I have my tomato seeds planted, just the usual Gardener’s Delight and Moneymaker but they always work well for me. I’m so looking forward to picking warm tomatoes.


And finally, even one little bunny is getting a bright cardie this week!!

Have a brilliant and fingers crossed, a bright new week! 🙂


I’ve been making bunnies with a musical theme this week!


This is Melody!


And this is Harmony.

Melody & Harmony Collage

I have to admit that I love the colours of these two girls, much more my cup of tea than bright colours but they’re not for me, they’ll be in my Etsy shop at the end of the month.


Thank you for dropping by this week and for all your lovely comments on my Donkey Sanctuary post, lovely to know there are so many animal lovers out there!

I do hope you are all safe and warm in this crazy weather we’ve been having!

Wishing you all a very Happy Valentine’s Day and a happy weekend too, don’t eat too many of those chocolate hearts! 🙂

Linking up with Chrissie’s CAL here !


As most of you know by now, animals are very close to my heart, they touch a part of me that nothing else can. I support a few animals charities one of which is The Donkey Sanctuary, an organisation which does amazing work to protect these gentle, beautiful creatures.

Up until yesterday we had never visited our local shelter, The Donkey Sanctuary, Belfast, but yesterday morning as the sun was shining my husband decided he would take the day off work and we would pay them a little visit.

What an amazing place, spotlessly clean and tidy with 17 very happy little donkeys. This shelter is very different to most though as they use the rescued donkeys in an assisted therapy centre for children with special needs. They have a fantastic indoor area where the children can ride and interact with the donkeys with quite remarkable results. There are also therapy rooms and play areas for the children to enjoy too.

I think its wonderful that these lovely animals who themselves have had difficult lives before being rescued can help children who have challenges in life too.

The sanctuary can take up to 20 donkeys and those that are suitable for this kind of work are brought to them from the main shelter at Devon. It does break my heart to hear the cruelty that these animals have suffered, one thing that struck me when talking to the amazing lady who runs the shelter is that donkeys can only support 7 stone in weight which rules out most adults, there are quite a lot of them carrying weights a lot heavier than that! Some are left hungry, some are beaten, some left in pain with overgrown hooves, just horrendous cruelty.

Thank goodness there are places like this.

When we arrived the donkeys had just been put out for a run while their yard was being cleaned, they were having such fun chasing each other and playing with one another, just pure joy!









It was such an enjoyable visit and such a very worthwhile cause!!!


Thanks for dropping by, happy Tuesday! 🙂


I’ve had it in my head to make a little denim bunny for a while now and as I’m not making them to any particular theme this month I decided that it was time to create ‘Indigo’. I knit her cardigan in a denim yarn which if it were washed, would wear and fade like denim jeans. The problem was finding a a button that looked like a button you would find on denim garments but could be sewed on, not that easy I found out.


I then decided to have a look in here, my mother’s button tin!


There are buttons in here collected over decades.


I came across a few of these and with the back left off, one of them was just perfect for my little denim cardie.

They actually brought back quite a few memories because as a very little girl I remember every Sunday evening my father, who worked in an engineering works, putting them onto his clean boiler suit for his work on Monday morning. The buttons were always removed for washing. This would been during the 1960’s, so the buttons are at least fifty years old.


I picked a nice shiny one and little Indigo is proudly wearing one of my dad’s buttons. Some have asked was I sure that I wanted to part with one of the buttons but I still have plenty and I like to think of one of my girls heading off wearing my dad’s button. My dad would have loved it too as he was always interested in what I was making and always encouraged me to do so.


We have had a beautiful day here today, sun shining, washing dried on the line but our local weather man insists that the weekend is going to be wet and windy, he has been known to get it wrong, I’m hoping that this is one of those times!!!

I have my little daffs bought at the greengrocers this morning to brighten the place up just in case he’s right.

Thanks as always for dropping by and for your encouraging comments, welcome too to the all the new visitors.

Happy weekend! 🙂


Yesterday turned out to be quite a nice day after what was a very stormy Saturday and so I did what I love to do best on a Sunday afternoon, take a walk in my park.

It was after 4.00pm when we arrived in the park and the sun was beginning to set, the sky was a beautiful lilac and we found ourselves in a very moody, atmospheric park.







Beautiful all year round!!!

However that was yesterday and today we are back to the heavy rain and gale force winds again, so nothing else for it but…………..


……bunny making!

Happy Monday, have a great week! 🙂