I’ve had it in my head to make a little denim bunny for a while now and as I’m not making them to any particular theme this month I decided that it was time to create ‘Indigo’. I knit her cardigan in a denim yarn which if it were washed, would wear and fade like denim jeans. The problem was finding a a button that looked like a button you would find on denim garments but could be sewed on, not that easy I found out.


I then decided to have a look in here, my mother’s button tin!


There are buttons in here collected over decades.


I came across a few of these and with the back left off, one of them was just perfect for my little denim cardie.

They actually brought back quite a few memories because as a very little girl I remember every Sunday evening my father, who worked in an engineering works, putting them onto his clean boiler suit for his work on Monday morning. The buttons were always removed for washing. This would been during the 1960’s, so the buttons are at least fifty years old.


I picked a nice shiny one and little Indigo is proudly wearing one of my dad’s buttons. Some have asked was I sure that I wanted to part with one of the buttons but I still have plenty and I like to think of one of my girls heading off wearing my dad’s button. My dad would have loved it too as he was always interested in what I was making and always encouraged me to do so.


We have had a beautiful day here today, sun shining, washing dried on the line but our local weather man insists that the weekend is going to be wet and windy, he has been known to get it wrong, I’m hoping that this is one of those times!!!

I have my little daffs bought at the greengrocers this morning to brighten the place up just in case he’s right.

Thanks as always for dropping by and for your encouraging comments, welcome too to the all the new visitors.

Happy weekend! 🙂