As most of you know by now, animals are very close to my heart, they touch a part of me that nothing else can. I support a few animals charities one of which is The Donkey Sanctuary, an organisation which does amazing work to protect these gentle, beautiful creatures.

Up until yesterday we had never visited our local shelter, The Donkey Sanctuary, Belfast, but yesterday morning as the sun was shining my husband decided he would take the day off work and we would pay them a little visit.

What an amazing place, spotlessly clean and tidy with 17 very happy little donkeys. This shelter is very different to most though as they use the rescued donkeys in an assisted therapy centre for children with special needs. They have a fantastic indoor area where the children can ride and interact with the donkeys with quite remarkable results. There are also therapy rooms and play areas for the children to enjoy too.

I think its wonderful that these lovely animals who themselves have had difficult lives before being rescued can help children who have challenges in life too.

The sanctuary can take up to 20 donkeys and those that are suitable for this kind of work are brought to them from the main shelter at Devon. It does break my heart to hear the cruelty that these animals have suffered, one thing that struck me when talking to the amazing lady who runs the shelter is that donkeys can only support 7 stone in weight which rules out most adults, there are quite a lot of them carrying weights a lot heavier than that! Some are left hungry, some are beaten, some left in pain with overgrown hooves, just horrendous cruelty.

Thank goodness there are places like this.

When we arrived the donkeys had just been put out for a run while their yard was being cleaned, they were having such fun chasing each other and playing with one another, just pure joy!









It was such an enjoyable visit and such a very worthwhile cause!!!


Thanks for dropping by, happy Tuesday! 🙂