I must say first off, that these little crocuses were not photographed today, all that beautiful sunshine was yesterday, today I’m afraid we are back to the rain in these parts, all day, continuously!!!!

This is what the little garden flowers look like today…………


Poor little soaked primula, still bright though!!

I thought as the day was a bit grey I’d take my camera and search out a bit of colour both inside and outside to brighten the day.






Gardening is not completely at a standstill, the greenhouse is very warm when the sun does shine, yesterday it was 20 degrees in there in the sunshine. I have my tomato seeds planted, just the usual Gardener’s Delight and Moneymaker but they always work well for me. I’m so looking forward to picking warm tomatoes.


And finally, even one little bunny is getting a bright cardie this week!!

Have a brilliant and fingers crossed, a bright new week! 🙂