Coco Collage

This is the last of my February girls, her name is Coco!

I just see chocolate when I look at her, she is crocheted in a lovely rich chocolate brown extra fine merino and camel mix yarn. Her skirt reminds me of smarties, the buttons on her cardigan look like chocolate buttons and the button on her bow in her ear looks like a square of chocolate!!! Is that just the chocoholic in me or can you see that too?? 😉

All my February girls will be on sale in my Etsy shop tomorrow (Wednesday 26th February) between 9.00am in the morning and 9.00pm in the evening. I’m going to list them at random during the day to try and avoid the scramble to get them at the one time of day, unfortunately this resulted in a lot of disappointment as some of them ended up in more than one basket at the same time. This means that it will suit different time zones as well.

Details of prices etc can be found here!

Indigo Collage

Melody Collage

Harmony Collage

Lolly Collage

Callie Cupcake Collage

So that’s all the bunnies for February, next month I’m moving on to spring and Easter, my favourite!!!

Happy Tuesday everyone! 🙂