August 2014

Saffi Collage

Garland Collage

Heather Collage

Clover Collage

Cerise Collage

August Collage

Scottie Collage

The August Girls will be listed in my Etsy shop tomorrow (Thursday 28th August).

Saffi, Garland & Heather will be listed at 10.00am (BST) and Clover, Cerise, August & Scottie will be listed at 10.00pm (BST).

You can find out more about my bunnies here and you can see close-up’s of this months girls here. You can also read my Etsy shop policies regarding shipping etc. here.

Right I’m off to bake a chocolate cake for a certain Hb’s birthday which just happens to be today!!! 🙂






My garden is full of nasturtiums at the moment, just as an August garden should be.

Such joyful little flowers and so many different shades all from one packet of seeds.


I was delighted one day last week when I found some nasturtium print fabric, so a nasturtium bunny had to made.

I’ve named her August after the month she was ‘born’ in!


A couple of weeks ago I was invited to take part in a ‘blog hop’ by two lovely blog friends, Mia and Gill, you can find their respective blog hop posts here and here. If you haven’t already read their posts I would urge you to do so and find out what inspires these two very creative, talented ladies.

I was supposed to do my post last week but as you all know life dealt us a cruel blow and despite having a lot of the post ready it was the furthest thing from my mind, however this week I decided to knuckle down and get it finished and I have actually found going through my photo archives quite therapeutic.

So on with the questions!

july fb Collage

What am I working on?

Bunnies!!! Always bunnies!

At the end of every month just after my Etsy bunny sale, I think to myself I must do something else, then the ideas start flowing for new rabbits and off I go bunnying again.

I do have quite a few crochet blankets on the go and occasionally I’ll do a square or row on one of those but basically it’s all about the bunnies at the moment.

One day though I’m going to make a quilt, I really am!!!

julyfb3 Collage

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

Well this is a hard question to answer. There are many bunny makers out there, it is definitely not a new concept but I think that mine have a look of their own and I certainly hope that they would be immediately recognised as a ‘Green Rabbit’ bunny.

They are unique little individuals, I never repeat them which is good for anyone who owns one and most definitely good for me as it keeps it all fresh!

blog hop cardies Collage

Why do I create what I do?

I have always been interested in making things, as a child I was always drawing and in the years since I have tried many crafts. I suppose up until a year or so ago I would have described myself as a knitter but nowadays its mostly crochet. I do of course knit the bunny’s little cardies and sew their dresses but I do love my crochet hook.

I love rabbits and have made many over the years to other peoples patterns but I suppose it was inevitable that I would eventually get around to making my own design.

ssaw Collage

How does my creative process work?

Well I am influenced mostly by the seasons and I like to make the bunnies to fit in where we are in the year. I’m not one for making ahead of time which is why you will never find ‘Christmas in July’ around here!!! If you want to see a Christmas bunny you need to come back in November at the earliest.

blog hop bunnies Collage

The first of my ‘August Girls’ is a back-to-school girl called Saffi which means ‘wise’ in Danish. I have also made another little summer girl this month inspired by bunting and her name is Garland. Both of these girls were inspired by the fabric which their dresses are made from. Sometimes though it can be a particular button or even the colour of a ball of yarn.

blog hop flower Collage

I find my garden very inspiring and many of the rabbits are a result of what grows in it. I love flowers and there have been and without a doubt will be many more bunnies named after flowers.

heather and clover 2 Collage

Our many trips out and about offer lots of inspiration too, for example Heather and Clover were the result of many walks this summer in mountains and the countryside and by the many photos taken of the flora in those places.

heather and clover Collage

Naming them is a lot of fun as well and I love researching the meaning of names.

Ideas will just pop into my head too and I have a book with over seventy more bunny ideas in it and I’m adding to it all the time, so I’m not about to run out ideas just yet!

I am having a lot of fun with the rabbits, probably the most creative fun I’ve ever had.

blog hop buns Collage

So many thanks again to Mia and Gill for kindly nominating me and my bunnies for the blog hop and also for their patience in waiting for me to post.

The nature of the blog hop is to pass it on and I have decided to pass it on to the lovely Jenny of Bobby Bunny & Friends. If you’ve not visited Jenny before you are going to love what she does, she is a very talented illustrator and when you see her work you will know exactly why I love it. Jenny can also be found on Etsy and Facebook.

So please go over and give Jenny a visit and say hello, she is also doing her blog hop post today, you are going to love Bobby and all his little friends.


From the bottom of my heart thank you all so much for your lovely thoughtful comments on my last post. I have read them and re-read them many times and appreciate each and every one of them. So many of you know exactly what it feels like to lose a pet and that sickening pain that goes with it.
I have received so many messages not just here on the blog but on Facebook, via email and in the post too, you really are kind, caring people and knowing that you care has helped.

Thank you! ❤️

Jessie Collage

Sadly we lost our little Jessie yesterday in quite traumatic circumstances. As she appeared quite a few times on the blog I thought it only fitting that there should be a little tribute to her.

She was funny, cute, very chatty, quite the little madam and much loved.

To say that we are devastated is an understatement.

Jessie 5

We’ll never forget you Jess! ❤️








August already, way too quickly for my liking. Even four days in it has brought both sunshine and showers and there was a feeling in the air early this morning that made my heart sink a bit, I don’t like what’s around the corner!! Thankfully though the sun came out and it felt like summer again. There are daily pickings of sweet peas and tomatoes, truth be told most of the latter don’t make the walk in from the garden. There are bees and butterflies aplenty, unfurling flowers and lazy cats.

Take your time August!