October 2014

Derwen Collage

So here we are almost at the end of another month again…unbelievable!

The Autumn Girls have all been finished and I’ve had a lot of fun dreaming up their outfits and names.

This first little lady is Derwen which means ‘oak’ in Welsh and she has a lovely little oak leaf button fastening her cardigan and oak leaves and acorns all over her dress.

Athena Collage

In mythology, an owl traditionally represents or accompanies the Greek goddess Athena and this little Athena has lots of owls for company!

Forest Collage

Forest has so many little trees all over her dress that she really named herself.


My little hedgehog girl has been named Tiggy after the most famous hedgehog ever, Miss Tiggywinkle.

Breeze Collage

I just love the fabric that Breeze’s dress has been made from, it has little images of leaves being whipped up by the wind and washing blowing on the line, oh and some little white bunnies too! Just pretty little pictures of a breezy day!

Woody Collage

Woody has lots of little woodland critters all over her dress and a cute little squirrel to fasten her cardie!

Teasel Collage

And last but by no means least this is Teasel who has a dress covered in little teasels.

The ‘Autumn Girls’ are being listed in my Etsy shop on Wednesday 29th October at 10.00pm (GMT). GMT again, I much prefer BST!!!

Wishing you all a lovely new week and thanks as always for dropping by! 🙂


October has generally been quite a good month so far, yes we have had a few blustery wet days but there have been lots of lovely autumnal days and it has been very mild. On Saturday we were out and about without coats in a very pleasant 18 degrees!

I have managed lots of garden time, tidying up summer bedding and planting bulbs for next spring, one afternoon last week I planted 65 bulbs mostly tulips and some crocuses too, my shoulders and back weren’t that pleased with me the next day though!!!

I also have planted up my pots and window boxes with lovely little pansies and violas, heathers and cyclamen to see me through the dark days until springtime.





Inside I’ve been making sweets from the lovely book ‘Sweets Made Simple’ by the wonderful Hope & Greenwood, I’m sure many of you in the UK watched their fabulous TV series.

Last week I made some Cinder Toffee and the previous week I made Coconut Ice which unfortunately didn’t get photographed before it was all eaten. There is so much more in the book I want to try.


I’ve also been autumn bunny making, I’ve not quite finished them all yet but I hope to have an autumn bunny parade to share with you all some time next week.


I would like to thank all of you who left comments on my two French posts, I’m so glad you all enjoyed having a look around those two marvelous homes with me.

As a little thank you to all my very loyal blog friends I decided to have a secret giveaway.

I brought back some lovely Provençal lavender from the Marche de Fleurs in Nice along with some lavender soap with a giveaway in mind, I’ve also added a little spool of lavender spotty ribbon which although not from France looks lovely along with the other two items.

So if you left a comment on either French post you were entered into the draw and if you left a comment on both posts (thank you) you had two entries.

So with every entry being allocated a number and the random number generator used the winner of my secret giveaway was Simone!! I’ll get it posted off to you soon Simone.


Thank you to all of you who take the time to pop by here and leave a comment, I really do appreciate it!

I just wish I had a bag of lavender for you all!

Wishing you all a wonderful new week. 🙂


The Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild was without a doubt the highlight of our recent trip to the south of France.

The villa was designed and built between 1905 and 1912 by Baroness Béatrice de Rothschild (1864–1934) who was a member of the Rothschild banking family, Béatrice was married to the banker Baron Maurice de Ephrussi.

The Baroness filled the mansion with antique furniture, Old Master paintings, sculptures, objets d’art, and an extensive collection of rare porcelain.

I’ll take you for a little tour of inside the villa first!



rothchilds ceilings Collage

















The villa is situated on the Cap Ferrat peninsula with outstanding views of the Mediterranean on either side but the most amazing thing about it are the gardens. The grounds are divided up into various gardens each one beautiful.


Spanish Garden


Florentine Garden


Stone Garden


Japanese Garden


Exotic Garden


Rose Garden


French Garden

My favourite garden was the French Garden, it was beautifully laid out with it’s musical fountains, I could have sat there forever!








Such a wonderful place, how amazing would it have been to have lived there!!


One of the places we visited on our recent trip to the south of France was the Renoir Museum.

The musuem is housed in the Renoir family home in Cagnes-sur-Mer, there is a reconstruction of Renoir’s studio where the painter spent the last years of his life and it holds many personal possessions, paintings and sculptures.

The house is a neo-Provençal building designed by the architect Jules Febvre in 1907 and is set in an olive grove and where the painter lived until his death in 1919. In 1960, the house became a municipal museum featuring the family’s furniture and fourteen original paintings and thirty sculptures by Renoir. The grounds contain beautiful old olive trees, orange and lemon trees and a rose garden and there is a wonderful view of the Haut-de-Cagnes, a very pretty French hilltop village.

I’m now just going to let the photos do the talking!



Paims Musee Renoir Collage






art Collage












renoir paintings Collage

These were my two favourite paintings, I loved the apples, the light in the room in which this painting was hanging was amazing and the colours just stood out, I would really love to have this hanging on one of my walls!

The other painting looking out towards the Haut-de-Cagnes is a very beautiful painting too, I love the fact that I actually stood in the exact spot that Renoir stood to paint it. The two old olive trees are still there, they must be very old as the painting was painted 100 years ago and they were quite mature trees then.


As I’m never going to own either of these masterpieces I treated myself to postcards of them.

It was a wonderful day out, the house was amazing, what a fantastic place to live surrounded by an olive grove with that brilliant Riviera light!


Hi everyone, I thought it was time I popped in here after my holiday. I do have some holiday pics to share with you but I really haven’t had time to sort through them yet, life is a little busy at the moment. We had a wonderful time in the beautiful Riviera sunshine and I have a couple of places that we visited that I definitely want to record on my blog, so soon!!

In the meantime, as today is the beginning of October, I took a little walk around the garden with my camera. The garden does need a little attention and I need to get my springtime bulbs planted but it is still looking quite summery out there.

You would be forgiven for thinking the above photo was actually taken on the shores of the Mediterranean looking at the bright blue sky but no it was definitely taken in my garden this afternoon.







According to the Green Rabbit calender we have now moved into autumn but apart from a few fallen leaves it really did feel like it was still summer outside today…..but that’s ok with me! 😉

Back soon with some tales from France!