We have had yet another beautiful day here today, this pre-spring season is shaping up to be very lovely indeed.
When the sun is shining in through the windows, it really makes you notice the prettiness all around you, the clear bright light brings out the natural beauty in everything including my gorgeous orchid. I thought I share some more of my January colour with you.

How about these yummy Percy Pig sweets or should I say Veggie Pigs, as Marks & Spencer now make Percy Pigs which are suitable for vegetarians, made without gelantine. What I don’t understand is why don’t they make all their Percy Pigs without gelantine, I mean who wants real pig in their sweets anyway. No one really wants all the leftover bits of pigs boiled up and put into their sweets, surely!! Sorry if you find this a bit disgusting but I do see it as one of my missions in life to convert everyone to vegetarianism.

You’re probably wondering what on earth these are, well they’re cat toys, homemade cat toys to be precise. I made them to give the kittens a bit of fun and stimulation and I’m happy to say they have been well received. We had bought them something similar before and after examining them I thought I could make my own as they all eventually disappear into the garden. It is very entertaining watching them play with them!

I couldn’t do a colour post without a bit of yarn and this lot was a little bargain at only ยฃ1.50 a ball, I know I didn’t really need it but what’s that got to with anything. It’s a cotton/linen mix and will be lovely for some spring/summer corsages.

The yarn wasn’t my only impulse buy, I just had to have these pretty beads for no reason other than the fact that I love green!!

Finally my last little bit of January colour is my current knitting project which is a cushion. I have to do something fun in between my spring cleaning which is still on-going – slowly. I can’t say I’m loving it but I’m getting through it, I even have enlisted other family members to the cause. I can’t say they’re willing helpers but why should I have all the fun! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Anyway they say ‘many hands make light work’, don’t they!!

Thanks as always for ‘dropping in’, hope you all have a lovely week with a bit of sunshine and some colour too. ๐Ÿ™‚

Not sure if this wonderful autumnal colour is grape or plum but what I am sure of is that it is really lovely. I’ve found myself drawn to it this week with my knitting and crochet. It goes so well with mustard yellow, pale green and grey.

I noticed last weekend lovely shops like White Stuff and Avoca had so many clothes in these colours (so many that I wanted) !!! There are lots of home furnishings in these shades this season as well.

All this inspired me to create an Etsy Treasury which I entitled “Grape or Plum ?”

Hope you enjoy looking at it and checking out all the lovely shops as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Pretty striped viol…


Grape plum canvas p…


Vintage Glass Earri…


Bunny Little Pori


Sweet home appliquรƒ…


Merino Sock – Grape…


vintage buttons gra…


Bedroom Set – Cushi…


Pretty in purple – …


Rose Garden Scarfle…


Ayala Levinger Art …


Grape Soda Bottleca…


Purple Handmade Lam…


Purple Flower Hair …


Plum Pearl Ring Swa…


Serene Kitty in Gra…


Treasury tool by Red Row Studio.

I’m off to another Debbie Abrahams knitting workshop this weekend, we’re making “Festive Fingerless Mitts”. Imagine me getting festive at this time of year!!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Hope you all have a lovely weekend, keep warm and thanks for dropping in to visit me this week! ๐Ÿ™‚

Over the past few weeks I have been taking some photographs of the autumn colours appearing in the countryside and in my garden, when the weather has been behaving itself that is!

Looking through them it seems that it hasn’t been all rain, must have just seemed that way or else I took most of my photos over a period of two days, which may have been the case.

There is no doubt about the beautiful colours that autumn sends our way.

The trees, leaves, berries and shrubs are such pretty shades of the season.

Beauty to be found in the simplest of things.

Rusty orange, red, brown, green, mustard, yellow, purple, taupe. Most of my favoutite colours (with the exception of duck egg blue that is) are autumn shades, perhaps I really am an earthy autumn girl, mmmm not sure about that, earthy yes but I do like my summer sunshine!

Celebrate Color

Celebrate Colour is all about being inspired by the colours of the autumn season and using them in all manner of crafts. It is the brilliant idea of Emma Lamb, Wild Olive and luvinthemommyhood. They want everyone to share their autumn inspired crafts and there are lots of lovely prizes to be won too. Click on the photo for lots more information.

And inspired I have been, I’ve spent this week crocheting little bits and pieces in autumnal colours which will eventually become corsages, with the exception of the toadstool which might look a little odd!

I have enjoyed working with these colours and matching them up with pretty beads and buttons.

Just have to attach flowers to leaves etc and make a few corsages, I have to say though I do quite like them all displayed like this, so much so that I don’t want to touch them!!

Hope you’re being inspired by the season too!

It’s actually not raining here today although a little sunshine wouldn’t go amiss.

Thanks as always for visiting, enjoy the rest of the week and I hope the weekend ahead is a good one for you all! ๐Ÿ™‚

Well it does feel like a summer day here today, thankfully, so this is definitely summer crochet! ๐Ÿ™‚
I’ve decided to make myself a new little crochet throw, one I can use in the garden, you know the type, draped over a chair looking like a photoshoot from Country Homes & Interiors magazine!! The reality is it will probably rain non-stop just as I finish it!

I’m using this book, ‘Crocheted Throws & Wraps’ by Melody Griffiths.

And I’m using this pattern.

As it’s for my own personal use I can use colours to suit myself, so there’ll be no reds or pinks used. It’s going to be blues and green and browns, my favourites.

I was just thinking about colours and how we all have our own personal choices, how some colours appeal to some people yet others dislike them. As I have mentioned I personally really do not like red and pinks, yet I know many of my bloggy friends love them! I do use red and pink in my knitting but always for others. I love greens and blues including all the lovely colours between the two especially duck egg blue and teal! I also love shades of brown and cream but I know some people absolutely detest brown.

I was just wondering, out of interest, what are your favourite colours and which ones do you not like at all?

Happy Wednesday everyone! ๐Ÿ™‚

Today I’m going to take you on a tour of the markets we visited while we were on holiday in the south of France. The French markets are truely special with the most amazing display of goods. I can share the sights with you, I just wish I could share the sounds and the smells.

This first photo is a little stall at the Rose Festival in Grasse, it is where we sampled the rose flavoured macaroons which were extremely sweet!

This market is the Marchรฉ Provenรงal in Antibes. So much lovely food on display here, also some not so nice stuff as well but as this is vegetarian blog there won’t be any photos of those undesirables !!! It’s the array of colours that I love, they are gorgeous!

It would be so easy to get your five a day in France as it’s all so tempting.

Not just fruit and veg though, there are herbs and spices and even some beautiful soaps.

Antibes had lots of pretty textiles for sale as well.

There are also lots of antique and collectible stalls in Antibes, selling all sorts.

How creepy do these little dolls look !!!!

The following photos are of the Flower Market held every Saturday morning in Nice. This market has the most brilliant display of flowers, fruit and vegetables. The smell of all this produce is wonderful and there is a particulary strong scent of lavender, which I wish I could share with you!

Well that’s the end of my little tour of the French markets, I hope you enjoyed it!
I’ll be back soon with the final instalment of my holiday photos, I do hope you’ll join me.

Purple and yellow are the colours of Spring! Now of course they aren’t the only colours but so many of the flowers in bloom at the moment are shades of these colours.

With the exception of the daffodils pictured above, which are in a vase in my living room all the flowers in this post are at present in bloom in my garden. It is great to see the garden come to life again!

There is every shade of yellow from the palest lemon right through to gold and the purple shades vary from lilac to mauve to violet.

Now of course Mother Nature knows what she is doing, purple and yellow are complementary colours on the colour wheel, they are directly opposite each other which makes them go so well together.

The pansies and violas mix the two colours so well. I think violas are the prettiest of little flowers, they look like little faces.

Who better to take my inspiration from for my next project other than Mother Nature herself!

Don’t forget that the giveaway on my last post is still open until midnight on Sunday.

Thanks once again for calling in to see me this week, I hope you all have a wonderful Springtime weekend! ๐Ÿ™‚

Well here we are at the last Splash of Colour post organised by Emma of Silverpebble. When the Splash of Colour posts started at the beginning of November, spring seemed a long way off and now, happily, it’s just around the corner.

This month I thought that flowers seemed the most appropriate subjects as we look forward to springtime. The above daffodil is from my first bunch of daffodils of the year. This lovely bunch of flowers are definitely brightening up my living room and me too, when I look at them!!

This pretty little pot of tete a tete are having the same effect on the kitchen!

Last weekend I bought this lovely box of primula to cheer up my window boxes, which are a bit sad looking after the severe weather at Christmas time. Something pretty to look out at when I’m busy in the kitchen. Primula have the most intense colours, just gorgeous and just the right flower for this time of year.

Now I have just finished my spring cleaning. Am I feeling quite self-righteous? You bet I am !!! My theory is, get the spring cleaning done during January then when spring does arrive you won’t have to waste it cleaning!! Spring should be for gardening, walking, knitting, crocheting, baking and all the other pleasant things in life, certainly not cleaning! Now during my spring cleaning many things turn up and I have shared some of them already. This last week I’ve been cleaning my kitchen cupboards and when this gets done all my china (and there is quite bit of it) gets taken out, washed and put back, sadly I never seem to use any of it anymore. We got so many teasets as wedding presents and my last Splash of Colour photo shows one of them. It’s Royal Albert’s Lady Carlisle and although I’m generally not a ‘pink person’ this china is so pretty, I thought I would share it with you.

Just before I go I would like to thank Emma for coming up with the Splash of Colour idea. It helped get us through the dark days of winter and always kept us on the look-out for colour.
Check out Emma’s blog for some more links to Splash of Colour posts and the Splash of Colour Flickr group for lots more colour!

It is hard to believe that this is the third Splash of Colour post organised by Emma of Silverpebble to help us brighten our days through the winter months. Just one more month to go and then, fingers crossed, we will be enjoying the gorgeous Springtime!

This month I thought I’d show you something I’m working on. I decided to use some of my stash of mohair yarn to make some corsages. I have always loved mohair but I haven’t used it in a long time. I love the way the yarn and the finished articles look like they have blurred edges due to the fluffiness of the yarn. It has such a wonderful feel to it too.

These are the start of my corsages, they need a few more layers and something pretty in the centre and of course I’ll let you see the finished articles when I get them completed and into my little shop.

It’s not just the yarn that’s colourful, the tools of the trade offer a Splash of Colour too!

Just look at all that yummy, colourful, fluffiness ! ๐Ÿ™‚

Well that’s my contribution to this month’s Splash of Colour! Check out Emma’s blog for more links to blogs that are taking part and also the Splash of Colour Flickr group for more colourful inspiration!

Enjoy the rest of the week and have a great weekend, I’ll be back on Monday with my 100th post! ๐Ÿ™‚

Well it’s month two of the Splash of Colour posts organised by Emma of Silverpebble, where we all try to cheer ourselves up while we wait for Spring!
As we’re doing four monthly posts and this is the second one, that means we’re halfway to Spring, woo hoo!!
A nice thought as I look out the window at the heavy snow. We had what I had referred to as ‘designer snow’ (pretty to look at but not enough to cause any hassle) but it’s quickly becoming annoying snow!!

I thought this month, with it being December I would show some festive photos.
The above photo is of some pretty little gift tags which are far to nice to give away, so I’m not going to!!

This was taken in my front garden while I still had ‘designer snow’ I can’t even see the berries now!

One of my many bunny Christmas tree ornaments!

What would Christmas be without Father Christmas, at least he’s used to snow.

This little Father Christmas ornament was bought for me when I was a little girl by my dad, it has been on display every year since. It still has it’s original cardboard backing which came with it in the package. My dad mounted it on some wood so that it could stand and Father Christmas could still have his sky backdrop.

Well that’s my contribution to this month’s Splash of Colour, don’t forget to check out the Splash of Colour Flickr group for more colourful inspiration!

Have a lovely, warm and cosy week! ๐Ÿ™‚

Splash of Colour is the idea of Emma over at Silverpebble.
The plan is to post images of colour in the first week of the next four months from November through to February until the spring arrives. The colourful photos will then give us all a lift and see us through the dark days of winter. The photos can also be added to the Splash of Colour flickr group where anyone can drop in when they need a colourful pick-me-up!

My contribution to this months Splash of Colour are photographs of the contents of this drawer in a chest in my dining room. Now I know it is customary to keep cutlery and tablecloths etc. in dining room drawers but not in mine!! I have it full of this wonderful colourful wool. I can open it up and breath in all it’s gorgeousness when I need a colour fix. I have had all this yarn for quite a while and I can’t bare to use it because then it would all be gone and I don’t want that! Please tell me I’m not the only one to have yarn that they will never use.
Anyway I’m sharing it with you so that you can breath it in too and use it to brighten your days until the spring comes!

Thanks for a great idea Emma. ๐Ÿ™‚

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