my park


It’s bluebell time again and ‘my park’ is blue with them…, so beautiful!!!









The wild garlic is in bloom too…..


… are the lovely marsh marigolds.


The bluebells are out in my garden too, not native ones but lovely all the same.


I have strawberries-in-the-making.




And lots of other pretties too!

I’m so glad I got to see the bluebells in bloom before I go off on my holidays tomorrow, I know that by the time I get back they will all be over for another year…so pretty but so brief.

Something else that has been growing over the past couple of weeks……


…..the May Girls!

So my friends I will ‘see’ you all soon, take care, I’ll still be on Instagram if you wish to keep up with me!


Γ  bientΓ΄t πŸ™‚


I think if I were to be asked what my favourite month of the year is the answer would have to be May, all that greenery, all those blooms and blossoms and all that promise!

Nowhere better to see all of this than a walk in ‘my park’, would you like to join me for a little stroll?


Beautiful cow parsley, loved by all!


Still lots of bluebells.

Bluebell May14 Collage


Wild garlic, not as pretty a scent as the bluebells but stunning all the same.


Conkers in-the-making!




Dandelions, before………………


………………..and after!


And the one arrival that says it’s definitely May, the beautiful hawthorn or mayflower, so, so pretty!


How could that amazing blossom not inspire a new bunny!


This is May, named after the month she was ‘born’ in and the gorgeous mayflowers that this lovely month brings!

Happy Tuesday lovely people! πŸ™‚


The fields of oilseed rape are in full bloom at the moment and I have to say they are quite spectacular, the road that this field is on has fields of the crop on both sides and the colour is quite breath taking.


The smell of the crop is not quite as nice as the colour though, it has a strange scent and I have to say I’m quite glad I don’t live beside the fields.


I am a big fan of the oil that it produces though and as a vegetarian I think it makes the best roast potatoes!


Lots of yellow in the garden too, which is just as well as the skies are still grey!!




I found plenty of yellow in my latest park walk too.


So why so much yellow today, well over on Facebook this week the lovely Emma of Hole House has been having a rainbow week with each colour of the rainbow being featured on a different day. I was asked if I would like to join in and as much as I would have loved to have had something for each day, that wasn’t possible so I picked Wednesday which was ‘yellow day’ as I have had a little girl that I wanted to make in my head for a while now and this was her time!


I’d like you all to meet Suzie Sunshine!!

If you’re on Facebook why not pop over to Emma’s page and join in rainbow week, everyone is welcome.


So if you are like us and the sun has been missing for a day or two I hope this has brought a little brightness to your day!

πŸ™‚ Happy Yellow Wednesday!!! πŸ™‚


It’s that time of year again, when the beautiful bluebells are in bloom.

When I want to find them I always head off to ‘my park’!



You all know by now how flowers and nature inspire my bunnies………..


Meet little Bluebell!

I’m actually surprised that in the two years I have been making my rabbits that I haven’t made a Bluebell before now, as I love the flowers so much. I think the reason is that I really hadn’t found the perfect fabric until last week.


It’s still remaining very springlike around these parts, there is the odd shower or two of rain but then what would April be without showers.

Enjoy the rest of the week and thanks for dropping by!

Happy Wednesday! πŸ™‚


Oh my what a beautiful week it has been, lots and lots of spring sunshine!!


I walked into town one day, via ‘my park’ and I have to say the park is looking beautiful in the sunshine, lots of long tree shadows.

Springtime Park Collage

Lots of little crocuses around trees, blue skies and green grass. Actually some of that green grass above is the cricket green, you can just see the pavilion in the background in the top left photo, it won’t be long until the cricketers are out there playing in their whites, another good sign for happy sunshiny days.


I took this photo in my craftroom on Wednesday morning of the sun streaming in through the window.

Springtime Garden Collage

The garden is looking good in the sunshine too, the flowering currant is about to bloom, there are still lots of daffodils and bursting buds everywhere! The bottom photo is my dicentra and you can almost watch it grow!!


I’m still working at my springtime bunnies, this is the second one who I have named Beatrix after the best bunny author ever! She has a Peter Rabbit fabric skirt and a blue cardie the colour of Peter’s jacket which is fastened with a cute little bunny button.
The blocks, by the way, are by the clever Chipper Nelly.
It will be two years on Saturday since I made my first little bunny, Lavender Rose and Beatrix is bunny number 94, that turned out well, didn’t it!! πŸ˜‰

I do hope, if you’re in the northern hemisphere, that you too have been getting some spring sunshine, it does feel good. Fingers crossed that it continues into the weekend.

Thanks for dropping by, I do appreciate your visits and lovely comments.

Happy weekend! πŸ™‚


Yesterday turned out to be quite a nice day after what was a very stormy Saturday and so I did what I love to do best on a Sunday afternoon, take a walk in my park.

It was after 4.00pm when we arrived in the park and the sun was beginning to set, the sky was a beautiful lilac and we found ourselves in a very moody, atmospheric park.







Beautiful all year round!!!

However that was yesterday and today we are back to the heavy rain and gale force winds again, so nothing else for it but…………..


……bunny making!

Happy Monday, have a great week! πŸ™‚


Today is the autumn equinox and traditionally the beginning of autumn in the northern hemisphere (although not according to the GRD calendar, we have another week to go yet)! This year, though, it looks like the Green Rabbit calendar is correct because it has been like summer outside today, so warm and sunny, not at all Keats- like.

Our mild weather has something to do with the end of Hurricane Humberto and it’s warm sub-tropical air out in the Atlantic, I’d like to thank Humberto very much and if he would like to hang around out there in the Atlantic until Next March, that’s fine by me.

I thought it was time we had another little walk in the park and check out the change in nature, it turned out to be a very pleasant walk indeed and I think I could get to like the change in season if the temperatures remained like this, the autumn colours look so much better in the sunshine and its lovely not to have to wear a coat!













So some autumn colours are beginning to appear but there’s still quite a bit of green around.

Hope you enjoyed yet another little jaunt around ‘my park’!

Have a great new week, lets hope it’s a warm and sunny one. πŸ™‚


Happy summer solstice to you, I do hope you have a little sunshine, it comes and goes here this morning! My beautiful yellow daisies are like the sunshine anyway, so we can drink in their amazing colour.


My garden, my park and nature are all carrying on with summer anyway despite the lack of sunshine on some days.

geese and goslings

As I’m sure I’ve mentioned before the geese are my favourite park birds and there are a few little families of different ages.

geese and goslings 2

I took these photos on my phone yesterday evening, the geese were enjoying the late sunshine.


While cutting hedges my Hb disturbed this little moth and he was very good as he waited while I raced into the house to get my camera to take his photo.


My delphiniums are now in bloom, oh how I love these flowers, at dusk they are almost fluorescent.

Tall flower Collage

In fact I love all tall flowers, lupins, foxgloves, delphiniums, hollyhocks and sunflowers. My hollyhocks are on their way but no blooms yet and I’ll hopefully have sunflowers later on in the summer.


It has been a busy week wedding-wise, dress fittings, menu planning, table planning and we have a visit to the florist tomorrow. The only crafting has been wedding crafting which I’m not allowed to share with you yet! I do wish I had time for some bunny making though.


I’ll leave you with a photo of my red geranium, is there anything prettier than a red geranium in an old weathered terracotta pot!

Happy weekend and happy summer solstice! πŸ™‚


I’m taking you for a white walk in the park today, not white like this post, a different time of year and a different kind of white!


The white I’m referring too is the abundance of beautiful flowers and blossom in bloom in the park at the moment.



There is so much cow parsley, in fact there are swathes of it everywhere and very pretty it is too!


Lots of little clumps of daisies just waiting to be made into daisy chains!


Beautiful horse chestnut candles.


The hawthorn is so amazing this year, I’m sure that means something in folklore, I do hope it’s not a bad winter!!! My father would have known.


Isn’t the hawthorn blossom simply gorgeous.

white park Collage

Right along this path the trees are covered in white, it actually looked even more impressive a couple of evenings ago when the sun was setting, it was so bright today and the sun has bleached the photos a little and you don’t get the same effect.

white park 2 Collage

It wasn’t just the flora that was white, the fauna was mostly white today too. There were swans in various stages of life, babies, juveniles, expectant mums and young parents!

There were so many white butterflies too fluttering about, all too busy to pose for photos though!


It has been such a beautiful day here today and I think possibly the hottest yet. I do love a walk in ‘my park’, I love the sunshine and I love summer!!! πŸ™‚


As this is one of the prettiest times of the year to visit ‘my park’ I thought I would take you on a little walk. Everything is so green and as the theme of my post is ‘bells’, it is a good time to show you all the bluebells that are now in full bloom!

Bluebell 1 Collage

I really don’t think my photos do them justice as the sea of blue is just amazing!

Bluebell 2 Collage

The blue and green together is so beautiful.

Invite Collage

Weddings ‘bells’ next and as it’s now less than seven weeks to my daughter’s wedding, the invitations have been sent out. They have been designed by my graphic designer son in the style of a vintage French postcard.

Kitchen Collage

I’m afraid this is a very tenuous link to the ‘bells’ theme but as I promised I would share it, this is how the ‘Bell’s’ kitchen now looks after the revamp!

I don’t have a huge kitchen but much better use of the space has been made and as the decorator has now finished painting it is all now complete, thankfully!!


So it’s the weekend again, can you believe it!!

Thanks as always for visiting me here in my little space, I love it when you stop by and say hello and please know that your comments are much appreciated.

Wishing you all a happy, sunny, springtime weekend! πŸ™‚

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