In the past couple of weeks I have been very fortunate in receiving many lovely things including gifts from family and friends, giveaway wins and little gifts to myself!

I received some beautiful gifts from my husband, son and daughter for Mother’s Day and I’d like to thank all three of them very much for being so kind! There were some sweets too but they didn’t make it to the photographs!!!

Recently the postman delivered this gorgeous covered notebook to me, it was a gift from my lovely friend Pam. Pam covered the notebook in a beautiful rabbit print fabric in a colour that is very dear to my heart! Check out Pam’s lovely creations here and here.
Thank you so much Pam, I love it! 🙂

One day when reading my bloggy friend Jane’s blog, I found she had just listed this beautiful bag charm in her shop and I immediately had to have it. In fact I bought it so quickly Jane actually wondered where it had disappeared to in her listings, I think that maybe she thought she had deleted it when listing it! 🙂

I enter many blog giveaways and there are so many beautiful items offered by lots of lovely blogs, usually though I’m not lucky enough to win. However when another of my lovely blog friends Mia had a recent giveaway, I was one of the lucky winners and was very fortunate to win this beautiful felted pouch. Isn’t it gorgeous, go have a look here to see Mia’s other lovely creations!
Thank you so much Mia! 🙂

Mia recently created a sweet little treasury over on Etsy called Run Rabbit Run Rabbit. Now everyone knows my love for these little creatures and when I spotted this pretty little brooch I couldn’t resist and it had to be mine! It was from Silk Purse, Sow’s Ear and they have other rabbity items too (oh dear!!!).

I came by this absolutley gorgeous little block via a giveaway too over on Annie’s blog. Unfortunately though I didn’t win this giveaway but I had to have my block anyway. The prize was to design your own block (colour and word) and then the very, very clever Fee from Chipper Nelly would make it for you. I had chosen a green block with ‘rabbit’ on it for obvious reasons and I contacted Fee and arranged for her to make it for me.

It arrived beautifully wrapped with it’s own pretty little bunny tag! You can find more of Fee’s lovely blocks in her ‘Not on the High Street’ shop and check out her Flickr photosteam for more beauties!

Finally I have to warn you I am now in full Easter mode, I just couldn’t not buy this pretty green glass egg on Saturday, I do love this time of year! ‘C’ seems to go on for about 4 months a year but Easter just goes by in a flash, I want it to go slowly so I can enjoy it all the more!

So as you can see I have been a very lucky girl of late. I have given you lots of links today so why don’t you have a look, maybe spoil yourselves, you know you deserve it! 🙂

It really is like summertime here today, hope you all are enjoying this sunny springtime Monday.

Have a good week, thanks for stopping by and if you haven’t done so already don’t forget to put your name in the hat for my giveaway! 🙂

Hello everyone, hope you’ve all had a lovely day with some spring sunshine!

Now before I announce the winners of the giveaway can I just say a big thank you for your great response to it and for all the lovely comments you left for me. You are all so very kind!

There were 38 entries and I gave everyone a number then I used the random number generator twice to give me two winners!

I had to photograph the two results because I could not no matter how I tried transfer the images! Anyhow the two numbers picked were number 5 and number 26 and they belong to ……….

………. Emma and Jill! Well done ladies, I’ll be in touch with you both.

Thanks again to everyone who took part, I’m just sorry I can’t make you all winners.

Have a lovely week ! 🙂

I’m two !!!
Well my little blog is anyway. Two years ago today it was Mother’s Day and as part of my present my children set up this blog for me.
Now as I have explained before it was a slow start and it did take me a while to get going but get going I did and I’m very glad I did.

In celebration of being two, I thought I would have a little giveway, then I thought because I’m two I would have…..

….. two giveaways !!

So up for grabs are a set of Springtime Notelets and a Spring corsage for two.
The corsages are made with 100% wool in Spring colours with self-covered button centres in matching colours.

I wouldn’t be without my blog now! I’m in contact with people I have never met, yet I consider them to be friends. So thank you for dropping in to see me, I do really appreciate you doing that and I hope you will continue to do so!

If you would like to be included in the giveaway all you have to do is leave a comment on this post. The giveaway will close at midnight (British Summer Time) on Sunday 27th March and I will announce the two winners on Monday 28th !

I quite liked typing British Summer Time, it sounds good. 🙂
Still waiting on the sun this morning, hopefully it will make an appearance!
Hope you all have a lovely Tuesday and that you’re seeing some Spring weather!


Thank you, the giveaway is now closed !


Just wanted to show you some pretty new things!

Firstly, my new Moo cards have arrived!
They have been designed by my son and there are four different images using my favourite colours. I’m soooo pleased with these!! 🙂

And secondly, I received these gorgeous coasters and birdie in the post yesterday. They are made by the talented Mia of HandmadebyMia.
Check out Mia’s Etsy store for more of her lovely creations!

Well Wednesday already and getting closer to a new month, scary!!
Enjoy the rest of the week and to my friends in the U.S.A. have a great Thanksgiving ! 🙂