2013 review Collage

Well here we are at the end of another year…that was quick, wasn’t it!!

According to WordPress I uploaded 657 photos this year, so picking one per month was difficult but I tried to choose one that represented that month for me!

We had a busy year on the home front with our daughter getting married in July, so wedding preparations coupled with all the renovating and decorating we did around the house made for a hectic first six months. The wedding was of course the highlight of the year and what a wonderful day it was, the sun shone, in fact that was the beginning of the fantastic spell of weather we had this summer. Lyndsey was a beautiful bride and everyone had an amazing time, its hard to believe that it was six months ago now. She is very happy in her new home with her new husband and lives only four miles from me, so I see her all the time! My son on the other hand moved quite a bit further away at the beginning of August when he decided to go to work in Berlin. He has been home three times since then so although it’s not wonderful it’s not too bad, he just went back a couple of days ago after his Christmas break and hopes to be home again in January.

The second half of the year was at a much slower pace and in October we managed another trip to the south of France, our second visit this year as we were there as usual in May. It was lovely to get back again and it stretched summer by another week for us, you know how I like to cling on to summer.

2013 was the year that I eventually got my own craft room and I have to say I love my little space, it’s great having everything I need to hand and especially having my sewing machine ready for use at all times.

Throughout the year I enjoyed my garden time and I can’t wait to get back out there again, I’m already planning what I’m going to grow! I’m sure too that I’ll have the company of my many cat assistants as I did in 2013.

I have also loved sharing my outings and day trips and visits to ‘my park’ with you and hope to do all that again in 2014.

One thing I have noticed that is missing from my photos is the amount of cooking and baking I do, there is lots of it but for some reason I never get around to sharing it maybe I’ll try and share more of it in 2014. One of my missions in life is to convert everyone to vegetarianism, I’ll never do that if I don’t convince you all how good life is without meat!!!

2013 bunny review Collage

I’m sure you must have noticed one thing missing from my 2103 collage….my bunnies, well I decided they needed a collage all of their own. Again it was difficult to pick just one per month as I made fifty-four of them this year, all of them happily living in new homes across the world. Thank you for all your encouragement, my stats certainly go up when I do a bunny post, I really can’t believe the amount of interest in them, I had to stop my waiting list as it was getting out of hand and start using my Etsy shop to sell them. My last group of ‘girls’ sold in two minutes, I am so very grateful for your support. I really enjoy making them, dressing them and naming them and the fact that others enjoy it too makes me very happy, so thank you! I am at the moment making my Valentine girls who hopefully should be in my shop at the end of next month….there are hearts everywhere! So lots more bunnies in 2014!

Finally I would like to thank all you lovely people who have visited my blog this year and have left so many wonderful comments, you make Green Rabbit Designs for me. I have made so many really good friends through blogging, who I would love to meet in ‘real’ life…..maybe one day.
Thank you for being here throughout 2013 and I hope you will return in 2014.

All that remains is for me to wish you all good health and happy times in 2014.

Enjoy what’s left of the month, the year and winter, I’ll be back soon with pre-spring…happy days!!!

Happy New Year! 🙂


I still have flowers to show you, my little garden is doing its best to keep going and I suppose it will keep going until we get our first frost, which I hope is a not for a while yet.


Still lots of cosmos in bloom and sunflowers yet to open.

Sept flower Collage

Long may it all last!


There has always been a bit of a debate over whether tomatoes are a fruit or a vegetable, personally I think they’re a fruit. I have quite a few of them ripening at the moment, so I’m finding things to do with them.


One of my favourite things to do is put them in a dish with onions, garlic, salt, black pepper and extra virgin olive oil and slowly roast them in the oven.


The aroma that this creates is wonderful, it always transports me to the Mediterranean! When they cool I liquidize them and add them to warm vegetable stock, I heat it all through and add cream to make my own cream of roasted tomato soup.

Carrie Carrot Collage

I’ve cheated a bit with the veg, it’s not real veg but a little bunny named after the vegetable that all bunnies love to eat!

Meet Carrie Carrot, who as I type is on her way to California to live in West Los Angeles close to the Pacific ocean!!
How lucky is that little rabbit!

Thanks as always for dropping by and leaving your lovely comments, enjoy whats left of the week and the weekend ahead! 🙂

We have had yet another beautiful day here today, this pre-spring season is shaping up to be very lovely indeed.
When the sun is shining in through the windows, it really makes you notice the prettiness all around you, the clear bright light brings out the natural beauty in everything including my gorgeous orchid. I thought I share some more of my January colour with you.

How about these yummy Percy Pig sweets or should I say Veggie Pigs, as Marks & Spencer now make Percy Pigs which are suitable for vegetarians, made without gelantine. What I don’t understand is why don’t they make all their Percy Pigs without gelantine, I mean who wants real pig in their sweets anyway. No one really wants all the leftover bits of pigs boiled up and put into their sweets, surely!! Sorry if you find this a bit disgusting but I do see it as one of my missions in life to convert everyone to vegetarianism.

You’re probably wondering what on earth these are, well they’re cat toys, homemade cat toys to be precise. I made them to give the kittens a bit of fun and stimulation and I’m happy to say they have been well received. We had bought them something similar before and after examining them I thought I could make my own as they all eventually disappear into the garden. It is very entertaining watching them play with them!

I couldn’t do a colour post without a bit of yarn and this lot was a little bargain at only £1.50 a ball, I know I didn’t really need it but what’s that got to with anything. It’s a cotton/linen mix and will be lovely for some spring/summer corsages.

The yarn wasn’t my only impulse buy, I just had to have these pretty beads for no reason other than the fact that I love green!!

Finally my last little bit of January colour is my current knitting project which is a cushion. I have to do something fun in between my spring cleaning which is still on-going – slowly. I can’t say I’m loving it but I’m getting through it, I even have enlisted other family members to the cause. I can’t say they’re willing helpers but why should I have all the fun! 😉 Anyway they say ‘many hands make light work’, don’t they!!

Thanks as always for ‘dropping in’, hope you all have a lovely week with a bit of sunshine and some colour too. 🙂

Joining in with the ‘Making Winter’ project started by Silverpebble and Thriftyhousehold I thought I would bring you some photos of the things that have been making my winter so far. Going through my photos I was surprised by how many began with the letter C!

Firstly Candles, an absolute essential at this dark end of the year!

Cakes, of all shapes and sizes, these are rock cakes but there have been many varieties.

Candy Canes, mmmmmm!

Chilli, not terribly festive but warming all the same and most definitely vegetarian!

Christmas trees (this is just one of three) and Christmas Cards the number growing by the day!

Cookery book and Cat journal, a lovely giveaway win from Poppycock & Other Creative Nonsense blog. Thank you Sally! 🙂

Charlie the Cat, my gorgeous little man. 🙂

And finally Christmas Crochet, well I couldn’t do a post like this without squeezing in a bit of crochet now could I? 😉

Have a look here for links to more blogs taking part in ‘Making Winter’ and check out the Making Winter Flickr Pool too!

Thanks as always for visiting me here this week, have a wonderful weekend and for those of you waiting for Santa only 9 more sleeps!!! 🙂

Hi, just popping in to wish you all a great weekend and share some of my day with you!

Like enjoying the scent of these freshly picked sweetpeas.

While in the garden I also gathered myself some beetroot from the veg patch.

My little bargain of a jug which I bought in Poundland for, you guessed it £1, doesn’t it look like it was made for holding cosmos.

Another little bargain, two balls of Rowan Cashsoft 4 ply for £2 each! I know, I know I didn’t need it but at that price I had to get it! I know you all understand that. 🙂

Lovely new duck egg blue nail polish to paint my toe nails with. My daughter thought it was wonderful but I’m afraid I told her she couldn’t have first go! She’s 23 she’ll get over it, she’s a big girl now!! 😉

Home baked Yogurt Cake. This is so simple to make, you need a carton of yogurt (I used hazelnut but you can use whatever flavour you wish, mandarin is good too). Put the yogurt in a bowl but don’t throw away the carton, wash it out and use it as a measure. Add to the yogurt in the bowl 3 cartons of self raising flour, 2 cartons of sugar, 1 carton of sunflower oil and 3 eggs. Mix it all together and put it in a lined 2lb loaf tin and bake at 160 deg C for about an hour. Keep an eye on it and check it with a skewer to make sure it’s cooked through. A quick and easy cake!

A vegetarian dinner of champ made with my own home grown scallions and roasted peppers and onions.

And last but not least …….

The rose bag is finished!

I added a little beaded handle and I also made a little matching corsage which is pinned on and can be moved about or taken off and worn on a jacket instead. You can find it here.

Well that was my Friday, hope you had a good one too!
Thanks for dropping in to see me this week and for all your lovely comments especially all the ‘cat love’ in my last post. They’re doing really well and getting more gorgeous by the day.

Happy weekend everyone ! 🙂

Hi everyone it is so good to back with you all again! I’ve had a sick laptop this week and in the end it had to go to the computer doctor to be made well again. I’m soooo glad to get it back as I’ve missed visiting you all in blogland. Earlier in the week I did manage to leave some comments on your blogs but then sometimes it wouldn’t let me and the screen would freeze and I couldn’t post on my own blog and it wouldn’t let me deal with my photos, all in all a right pain. Anyhow it’s back with me and thankfully all seems to going ok.

What have I been doing with my time! Well I’ve been doing a bit of gardening, potting up my containers with summer bedding plants.

Enjoying the 2nd issue of Mollie Makes magazine! This such a brilliant magazine, a bit like a blog in magazine form!

Baking Smartie and Pecan Rocky Road. As a vegetarian I don’t eat marshmallows so I substitute them with Smarties. They taste just as good if slightly less ‘rocky’!

Doing a bit of black and white knitting and crochet.

And generally just ‘smelling the roses’!!!

Of course I would have done all these things even if I’d had my laptop with me, I don’t want you thinking I spend all my time on it!!! I was beginning to have withdrawal symptoms though and I’m so happy to have it back again, I really missed blogland.

Before I go I would just like to thank all of you who left lovely comments on my last post. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we all could get together for tea and cake. It would be lovely to see what you all look like and hear all your different accents, it really would be great fun!
Although we would have to check that the picnic table was available for use ……….

Have a great weekend everyone ! 🙂

A spot of knitting.

Receiving and loving not one but two scented hearts, thanks Emily and Val!

The beginnings of a new raised bed.

Deciding what I’m going to grow in the new bed.

Cooking sweet potato, red onion and goats cheese lasagne for dinner.

Still enjoying spring!!!

There were other things such as tidying up, washing and ironing, cleaning windows, a trip to a builders yard and B&Q but no one wants to see those things, do they!

Have a great week everyone! 🙂

Why Fruit Salad corsages? Well it’s just that they remind me so much of Fruit Salad chews. They’re the bright pink and orange colours of the raspberry and pineapple chews! I don’t eat Fruit Salad chews any more being vegetarian as they contain beef gelatine which is of course a no-no for vegetarians. Shame they have to put gelatine in chews, there’s bound to be something else they can use instead other than boiled up animal bits!!!

You’ll notice my little posy in the photos also in Fruit Salad colours. Sadly that’s the last of my sweet pea! 😦 Bit by bit the summer flowers are coming to an end.

Anyhow I hope you like my little Fruit Salad corsages, they’re a little bit of brightness on increasingly less bright days!

There’s bound to be an alternative to beef gelatine, come on Fruit Salad people think of the vegetarians!!!!